Links to Resources on Mieczysław Weinberg's Life and Music

Links to Resources on Mieczysław Weinberg's Life and Music


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To quote the violist Viacheslav Dinerchtein, Can a true work of art – here, a piece of music – rely on its own merits to find its place? For as much as we wish it were otherwise, the answer seems to be ‘No, it cannot. Not until the work in question is experienced by others’, and even the Picasso signature – here, Weinberg's blooming recognition – is helpless for as long as the score is lying on the shelf. Great music being performed with talent, insight and humility, by a single musician or a group of musicians, is always something special. Since its rediscovery in recent years, an increasing number of musicians all over the world have begun to champion and perform Weinberg's music. Some examples (in no particular order) include:

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